In a run, the first save ring should be skipped either by fluttering under, or by performing a first-frame jump on the yellow platform, which launches Yoshi over the save ring. This can also mess around with your timing so be careful when jumping on these 3 platforms, run on them for a brief amount of time before jumping to avoid this problem.

After going up the first pipe, a pipe glitch can be performed, warping Yoshi into the adjacent room. This is faster than taking the arrow lift.

In a single segment run, this level should be entered with as many eggs as possible, as egging the key pot is twice as fast as pushing it.

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 2-8 any%03:53

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 2-8 any%



Getting in a certain position when running into the transformation bubble allows Yoshi to transfer onto the tracks while moving, saving a small amount of time here.

To do this from the correct position, hold down, right, and B during the transform animation.

Easy 2-8 Off the Rails Setup00:20

Easy 2-8 Off the Rails Setup

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 2-8 100%05:02

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 2-8 100%

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