The submarine can be skipped by doing the tongue glitch in this level. To perform the trick, you first need either a pow block, or a big egg. Big eggs are recommended as there is no known way to consistently get a POW block. See below for setups on keeping big eggs from 2-7 into 3-3.

2-7 safebaxter


How to 3-3 submarine skip14:58

How to 3-3 submarine skip

In the 2nd screen of 3-3 with a big egg, grab an enemy, throw the big egg into the air, and spit out the enemy right before the big egg lands. This will activate the tongue glitch.

3-3 frog swag

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 3-3 any%02:46

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 3-3 any%


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