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Bonus Stages in a 100% run

There are 42 levels in Yoshi's Island that have goal rings. In a 100% run, there are 41 levels that can result in a bonus game, since 1-E cannot result in a bonus game.

Bonus games costs 10-30 seconds depending on which you get. By manipulating bonus games, one can drastically reduce the time of a 100% run.

Level Strategies

Below, you can find a table of strategies found so far to avoid bonus games. They are currently divided into two categories:

Terrain: Uses the level design and simple inputs.

Screen Scroll: Slowest method....but has 100% chance of success

Level Terrain Screen Scroll
1-1 [16]


[1] [17]
1-3 [18]


1-6 [2]
1-7 [3]
1-E N/A* N/A*
2-1 [20]
2-2 [4]


[5] [21]
2-5 [22]
2-6 [23]
2-7 [6]
2-E [40]
3-1 [24]
3-2 [25]
3-3 [7] [26]
3-5 [8]
3-6 [27]
3-7 [28]
3-E [40]
4-1 [29]
4-2 [30]
4-3 [31]
4-5 [32]
4-6 [9]
4-7 [33]
4-E [10]


5-3 [34]
5-5 [35]
5-6 [36]
5-7 [37]
5-E [11]
6-1 [12]
6-2 [41]
6-3 [38]
6-5 [13]
6-6 [39]
6-7 [14]
6-E [42]
* It is impossible to get a bonus game on 1-E.

Screen Scrolling Strategy

Details Coming Soon

Zewing Bonus Skip

Spitting an enemy out while holding forward on the dpad slows Yoshi down. This is normally avoided, but it can be used to slow down just enough to skip a bonus stage. The Zewing Bonus Skip is performed by holding forward and spitting out an enemy as Yoshi jumps into the goal ring. This only works inside a certain timing window, which is shown in the picture below.

NOTE: Great visual cue is to perform Zewing Bonus Skip just as Yoshi's Nose is about to touch the bottom left flower.

Zewing bonus skip

Aim for Y+B+> at this point or a little earlier.

NOTE: This bonus skip is not recommended for 4-3.

Technical Stuff: This is a variant of Matt Bonus Skip. It has an ~11 frame input window and can be done as long as an enemy is able to be spit by Yoshi and he is going full speed prior to the goal ring loading. Using this method the dot landed on will always be bottom left if done correctly.

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