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In order of least to most restrictions.


- Allows anything (other than left+right & turbo)

Any% Warps (Any% No Null Egg)

- Bans the use of "null eggs"

- Bans Resetting

- Bans ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution)

Any% Warpless

- Bans the use of "null eggs"

- Bans Resetting

- Bans 1-1 warp glitches ("wrong" warps)

- Bans "Tongue Glitch"


- Bans the use of "null eggs"

- Bans resetting (Other than the required reset after the bowser fight in 6-8)

- Bans 1-1 warp glitches

- Bans "Tongue Glitch"

All categories ban left+right, and the use of turbo controllers.

See the leaderboards for more information.

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