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Welcome to the Yoshi's Island Speedrunning Wiki

This is a wiki devoted to speedrunning Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It contains tricks, glitches, routes, and useful videos for both real-time play and for TASs (Tool-Assisted Speedruns).


Tricks, guides, and glitches

The Most Important Page

Full Run Videos

World Records:


Speedrunning Records

Game Info & Miscellaneous

Useful Links

New speedrunners should come by our Discord server or IRC channel on #yoshi!

Click here to join #yoshi through mibbit

Warning for people using NTSC consoles in PAL regions: Multiple people have had issues with 9V1A (9 watt) power adapters causing crashes, corruptions, and/or permanent cartridge damage. The official Power Adapter (for US NTSC at least) outputs 10V850mA (8.5 watt), keep this in mind when buying a power adapter! More info will be added when we know more.

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